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Health care proxies legally names someone you trust as a proxy. This legal document gives specific rights and instructions regarding medical care that express your wishes in the event you are unable to speak for yourself. An experienced attorney analyzes your situation, and provides the necessary documents to ensure your every wish is carried out.

Health Care Proxies Lawyer South Shore Plymouth Scituate Duxbury Boston health care proxies Health Care Proxies South Shore Personal Injury Lawyer Pembroke Halifax Plympton MA 300x200Many people experience health challenges as they grow older. You don’t have to be terminally ill to designate a health care proxy, or for them to make decisions on your behalf. Because life is full of the unexpected, Argos Legal Group can successfully guide you through the process of articulating your medical care wishes now.

Medical emergencies can happen in an instant. Though it is extremely comforting to know that physicians and nurses are ready to use a wide variety of treatments to save our lives, we also want the assurance that those caring for us make their decisions based on our own wishes and desires at times of crisis.

Once a health care proxy is legally drafted, you are still able to make your own health care decisions as long as you are competent to do so. At Argos Legal Group, we take the time necessary to listen to those wishes and put in place a solid plan to ensure they are carried out.

Though it can be sometimes difficult to plan ahead for the worst, it is something that has to be done. If you unexpectedly become unable to communicate your healthcare decisions, your treatment preferences could be at risk. Fortunately, you can put a health care proxy in place to ensure that only your wishes are honored.

Not all estate planning involves death. Health care proxies are important fundamental documents that need to be executed during your life to ensure you only receive the healthcare you want. Through years of unparalleled success, the experienced attorneys of Argos Legal Group are here for you. Take the first step with an appointment scheduled today!