The story of Argos relates all the way back to the ancient story of Odysseus, as told through The Odyssey. Odysseus spent 10 years in the thick of war fighting Troy, then spent another 10 years on his journey returning home after the war ended. Upon returning home, Odysseus walked the streets being completely unrecognizable to anyone. His face was weathered by a decade of war, even his closest friends didn’t recognize him, because of how the war had altered him physically and mentally.

While walking through the streets, Odysseus noticed a skinny and dirty dog, laying upon a heap of trash. As he walked closer, it was none other than his loyal companion Argos. Argos immediately recognized Odysseus, and raised his right paw in respect because he knew Odysseus could rise up to become the man he was before the war.

If Argos can recognize a battered military veteran, through his weathered face, even when no one else did, then so can we. Our mission is to see veterans as who they are, and the person they can become, not who they are now due to the struggles of war and the long journey home.

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